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Lift and level your concrete with Precision Lift foam

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Lift and Level Concrete




If you have a sinking driveway, a sunken patio or uneven pool deck, we have a solution for you. Precision Lift polyurethane foam can lift your concrete back to level. In a fraction of the time and the mess of mudjacking or replacement, a crew can fix your sunken concrete. And it’s an eco-friendly choice: the polyurethane is completely inert when installed.


Cost of doing nothing

Uneven concrete creates a trip hazard. That means liability for you. Uneven concrete slabs will eventually break. A simple leveling job is now more complicated. If the concrete breaks in too many places, your only option will be replacement. That is expensive and takes weeks to fully cure. Do you really want to go a month without your driveway?


Fix the underlying problem

Fundamentally, concrete sinks because there is a problem with the soil underneath it. Maybe the soil wasn’t compacted well enough originally. It could be there was a lot of organic matter in it that has now broken down. Or perhaps there is an erosion issue. Leveling your concrete with structural polyurethane foam will fill any voids, compact the soil and lift the concrete. This method is known by several names: foam jacking, poly jacking, poly lifting, foam lifting or simply slab lifting with foam.



Precision Lift structural polyurethane foam can be used to lift and level:

  • Cracked and uneven driveways
  • Unlevel garage floors
  • Sunken patios
  • Settling interior concrete floors
  • Sinking steps and walkways, a trip hazard  
  • Uneven pool decks
  • Uneven sidewalks, a trip hazard


How does it work?

Two parts of the polyurethane formulation mix in the dispensing gun, creating a chemical reaction. This reaction causes a rapid transformation of the liquid into a rigid, structural foam that is unaffected by water. The rapid expansion creates hydraulic lift. If the proper density of foam is used, there should be no shrinkage of the foam. We recommend nothing less than a 3.5-pound foam for residential work. The result is precise lift and the concrete can be used immediately when the crew if finished.


Polyjacking (foam) vs Mudjacking (cement-based material)


Sometimes mudjacking is the right choice. But if access is limited, the project is small, the soil is settling, there are underground structures in place, or aesthetics are a chief concern, leveling your concrete with foam may be the best option. Here are some factors to weigh:



Precision Lift


Unit Weight

3.5 to 12 lbs/cubic ft.

150 lbs/cubic ft.

Set Time

15 minutes

Hours to days

Drill Hole


1.5″ to 2″+





One vehicle for materials, equipment

Multiple trucks
and heavy machinery


Can be installed in any climate

Limited use below
32°F (0°C)


When polylifting is the right choice, one example

Uneven pool decks are a common problem. Pool installers are often reluctant to tamp the dirt around the pool too hard to avoid putting stress against the pool structure. This can mean that soil settles over time and with the weight of the concrete pool deck. The result is an uneven pool deck. It doesn’t look good and creates trip hazards. Foam lifting is really your only option besides replacement. Mudjacking or concrete jacking with cement adds huge weight that can crush below-deck plastic piping and put undue weight against the pool walls.


Proven Technology

Slab lifting with foam, or polylifting, as a technology is more than a decade old. Millions of pounds of polyurethane foam support structures worldwide. Among those are thousands of successful Precision Lift projects. This ranges from walkways, driveways, pool decks and patios across the U.S. and Canada to railroad lines in China and Mexico and manufacturing plants in Brazil. This is proven technology with a long, successful track record.


Don’t make your problem worse

Your concrete is sinking for a reason. It will likely just get worse the longer you delay. Now is the time to fix your concrete.


Let us solve your problem

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