Industrial floors often break down at the control joints. This can be due to slabs that are rocking or the constant hammering from heavy forklift traffic. (Read more information on slab stabilization.)

Floor Repair

Spalled concrete is concrete that is chipped, cracked and deteriorating. This often happens at a joint. The best way to provide concrete crack repair is with an epoxy or polyurethane mortar. The fastest way to repair a spall is to use Floor Fix polymer resin and a mortar made with resin and oven dried sand. This material is traffic ready in 10 minutes. Prime Bond 3100 or Prime Bond 3900 also make a fantastic mortar if you have time for the material to cure (usually overnight).

Joint Protection

If the slabs are not moving, the solution to prevent further damage is our Joint Shield line of epoxy and polyurea joint fillers. These materials will support the sidewalls of the joints and bridge the gap that currently allows the traffic to beat up the joint edge.

It is important not to confuse these materials with typical joint sealers that are only applied on the surface. These are full depth materials that are strong and flexible enough to withstand continuous traffic, but not so rigid as to weld the joint together. Joint Shield 5000 is our workhorse epoxy joint filler. Joint Shield 5500 polyurea provides faster turnaround and the ability to shave the joints flush.

Max Wall of Floor Consultants, Inc., specializes in repairing the floors of big box retail stores and distribution centers. He primarily uses Floor Fix, Prime Bond 3000 and Joint Shield 5500:

“The largest project we used Floor Fix on was Lowes in Valdosta, Ga. Our crew patched 18,000 1.5″ diameter holes 1.5″ deep,” says Wall. “We use 3000 for nosing repairs in every distribution center we work in. We use a lot of 5500 for its quick dry time and durability in every distribution center we work in. We’ve installed over a hundred miles of it.”


Crack and spall repair for warehouse and industrial floors, binder for repair mortar Floor Fix Urethane, two-component resin, super low viscosity, fast set time, traffic ready in 10-20 minutes
Fill control joints, construction joints in interior concrete floors, rout/fill random cracks, prevent side wall spalling Joint Shield 5000 Epoxy 80A Epoxy, semi-rigid, impact resistant, USDA approved
Fill cracks and joints in industrial concrete floors and walls Joint Shield 5100 Caulk Grade Epoxy, caulk-grade, semi-rigid paste, easy 1:1 mix ratio Quick Mix cartridge
Fill joints in floors subject to heavy forklift traffic, suitable for cold storage warehouses, rout/fill cracks Joint Shield 5500 Polyurea 95A Hybrid polyurea, cures at sub-freezing temperatures, 1:1 mix ratio, traffic ready in 1 hour
General purpose concrete protection Prime Coat 4000 Epoxy, good working time, easy 1:1 ratio, certified NSF/ANSI  61 potable water compliant
Primary or secondary containment of solvents and other harsh chemicals Prime Coat 4300 Novolac Epoxy, extremely chemical resistant to most solvents: 98% sulfuric acid, 70% nitric acid. Red or gray color.
Protect floors/walls of concrete and most building materials, bond aggregate materials to concrete Prime Coat 4500 Ultra Clear Epoxy, low viscosity, UV stable, super hard protection, flexible, brilliant shine, -40 – 200°F service temperature. Clear.
Coat steel or concrete. Protect manholes, tanks and lift stations Prime Coat CTL Black coal tar epoxy coating, excellent adhesion
Prime concrete, wood, steel prior to applying epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea coatings HydroLock Epoxy, super low viscosity, high bond strength, low VOCs, reduces surface defects of top coat, eliminates concrete dusting
Binder for high strength patching mortar and machinery plates (Also Bond old concrete to new, anchor steel into horizontal concrete) Prime Bond 3000 High ModPrime Bond 3000 Fast Epoxy adhesive, high modulus, medium viscosity, general purpose high strength adhesive, easy 1:1 mix ratio, USDA approved. Gray color.
Binder for epoxy repair mortar (Also bond old concrete to new) Prime Bond 3100 Med. Mod Epoxy medium modulus adhesive, medium viscosity, good flexibility, general purpose, excellent bond strengths, USDA approved. Straw color.
Binder for epoxy mortar (Also bond old concrete to new in hot environments) Prime Bond 3900 High Mod LPL Epoxy, low viscosity, high strength, long pot life, long open time. Straw color.


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