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An economical solution for I&I

Chemical grouting is the most economical option for stopping I&I into sewer systems. PR10 ALCM acrylamide offers the most economical grout choice.

Areas of use:
• Mainline joints
• Laterals
• Pipe penetrations
• Manholes
• Lift stations
• Tunnels
• Mine shafts
• Below-grade waterproofing


PR10 ACLM is also an effective and cost-effective option for stabilizing sandy, silty soils. Its super low viscosity(1-3 cP) allows grout to follow the
same path as infiltrating water. Gel times are adjustable from a few seconds to hours to allow for travel (pipe grouting) or for thorough permeation (soil stabilization).

Versatile methods:
• Remote packer
• Curtain grouting
• Probe grouting
• TAM grouting

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