Product Description

PR10 ACLM is a super low viscosity acrylamide grout that yields a gel upon reaction. Available as granules or liquid, the grout solution is as thin as water, allowing PR10 to follow infiltrating water for sealing leaks or to deeply penetrate soils for soil stabilization. The gel time is adjustable from a few seconds to several hours. PR10 ACLM provides an economical water barrier or soil stabilizer.

Recommended Uses

• Seal leaks in sanitary and stormwater mainlines, pipe penetrations, laterals, lift stations and manholes. Stops leaks in tunnels and mines.
• Soil stabilization for slough control, slope control, erosion mitigation and other geotechnical applications.

Typical Areas of Use

• Manholes
• Lift stations
• Mainlines of sanitary and stormwater systems
• Pipe penetrations
• Lateral connections
• Mining launch pits
• Road, rail and bridge embankments


• Super thin liquid follows infiltration      • Can be injected through remote packer equipment
• Reaction times adjustable from seconds to hours   • Cost-effective
• Higher strength compared to acrylates • Greater longevity compared to silicates


Product packaged by weight based on specific gravity
• 50-lb. bag (granules)
• 5-gallon pails
• 55-gallon drums

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