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Product types & typical uses

Leak repair with polyurethane injection resins; sealing leaks in:
hairline cracks, wide cracks and joints, gushing leaks, dry cracks, and manholes. Soil stabilization, permeation grouting, compaction grouting.

Injection and applied resins for structural crack repair, bonding and anchoring


Surface protection and lining


Soil stabilization and leak sealing


Slab Lifting Equipment
Our Precision Lift® products for lifting/stabilizing concrete slabs and structures and for compaction grouting. Includes turnkey trailer rigs.


Surface sealing cracks, surface seal prior to injection, lining pipes and tanks, providing fire resistance and corrosion protection


For optimal use with Prime Resins products


Injection Accessories
All you need for injection of chemical grouts


Cartridges and Guns
For use with our Quick Mix™ products