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Restore structural strength with epoxy injection

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The need for crack repair in concrete structures can be caused by many different factors. Damage can occur to the concrete in situations where direct impact puts stress on one area of the structure.


Causes include:

  • Freeze / thaw cycles
  • Mechanical overload
  • Improper pouring during installation
  • Damage during transport of prefabricated sections
  • Faulty foundations
  • Standing water due to improper drainage adding unsafe weight to the concrete structure


Structural crack repair can be accomplished by pressure injection of our Prime Rez series of epoxy injection resins. There are many ways to accomplish this, but the basics are consistent.


For cracks that are extremely tight (less than 1/32″) or subject to shock and vibration, use our Prime Rez 1200 Low Mod LV. If you have to have the absolute highest strength, use our Prime Rez 1000 High Mod


Gravity Feed

Sometimes our Prime Rez series resins can be gravity fed into cracks in horizontal surfaces. The cracks can be routed out to provide a reservoir for the epoxy resin. Use Prime Rez 1100 High Mod LV for most cracks. Use Prime Rez 1200 Low Mod LV for hairline cracks.



  • Quick and easy process
  • Costs a fraction of the cost of replacement
  • Causes less mess and inconvenience
  • Requires minimal loss of use
  • Work can be completed in hours / days versus days / months.
  • Eliminates spalling


Bonding and Anchoring

Our Prime Gel and Prime Bond line of epoxy adhesives provide excellent performance in bonding concrete and anchoring steel into concrete. The breadth of formulations provides the options needed depending on the type of job and the conditions. Whether you are working in high or low temperatures, need fast or slow setting products, need USDA-approved products or any range of factors, we have a product that will meet your needs.


Bonding Concrete

Bonding concrete can add many years to the life of a structure, but it has to be done correctly. When pouring new concrete on top of old concrete, it is critical to achieve the right bond between the two pours. Prime Bond 3000 High Mod is our workhorse product for this application and it is USDA approved. In hot climates, Prime Bond 3900 High Mod LPL is an excellent choice due to the longer open time. Oven dried sand can be added to the Prime Bond resins to create an epoxy mortar for patching and joint nosings.


Anchoring Steel

Anchoring steel into concrete is a pretty straightforward process; however, selecting the correct adhesive is important. Dowel bars, anchor bolts and pins are used for different construction applications and the correct adhesive is critical to a successful install. Speed Bond #1 is our top selling product for all of these applications. Quick Mix cartridges make applying the product a breeze.


Resources for structural repair / bonding & anchoring: