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You can repair a seawall or bulkhead with Prime Resins chemical grouts: fill voids, stabilize loose soil and seal leaks at a fraction of the cost of wall replacement.

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A property owner is plagued by a failing seawall. Soil washes away with every wave or tidal cycle through gaps in or under the wall. Maybe the wall joints are failing. Perhaps the footer no longer meets a solid foundation.


The symptoms are clear

The ground is caving in behind the wall. Voids are visible. Sinkholes are forming. Nearby walkway, sidewalk, patio or pool deck slabs have settled, resulting in trip and fall hazards. Unseen consequences can include compromised foundations of adjacent structures.


Cracks or failing joints in a seawall can cause erosion behind the wall, compromising the integrity of the structure

These symptoms are caused by erosion of the ground behind the wall. Typically, this is caused by leaks in the wall, improper drainage of land-side runoff, or ground behind the wall that was not sufficiently compacted during construction. The latter can happen when the original contractor worries about putting too much force against the wall and consequently doesn’t tamp the earth hard enough. Over time that ground will settle or will get saturated and mushy. Either will result in voids and erosion, undermining the integrity and effectiveness of the wall.




Seawall Repair Options

You could fill voids with dirt and aggregate or a cementitious fill. But this won’t remove the reason there is erosion or settlement in the first place.


You could replace some or all of the wall. That is a major construction project that is highly disruptive to the property owner and possibly to the environment. An environmentally sensitive area could mean an extensive (and expensive) permitting process, delaying remedy by weeks or months. Depending on the location, you could be looking at needing to use a barge or crane to do the construction.


There are absolutely times when replacement is the best or only option. That is often not the case though.


What if?

What if you could:

  • seal the failing joints in a wall
  • stabilize loose, saturated soil
  • fill voids behind the wall without adding huge weight to a weak substrate
  • create a watertight barrier behind and under a wall, all without excavation?


And what if you could do all of that with material so eco-friendly that it is certified for contact with drinking water?


Yes, you can

You can do all those things with polyurethane injection resins from Prime Resins. For 35 years, our products have been used to stabilize soil, seal leaks, and repair concrete—including more than 200 seawalls and bulkheads.


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