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Repair cracks, fill joints and provide protective coatings for concrete floors

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Industrial floors often break down at the control joints. This can be due to slabs that are rocking or the constant hammering from heavy forklift traffic. (Read more information on slab stabilization.)


Floor Repair

Spalled concrete is concrete that is chipped, cracked and deteriorating. This often happens at a joint. The best way to provide concrete crack repair is with an epoxy or polyurethane mortar. The fastest way to repair a spall is to use Floor Fix polymer resin and a mortar made with resin and oven dried sand. This material is traffic ready in 10 minutes. Prime Bond 3100 or Prime Bond 3900 also make a fantastic mortar if you have time for the material to cure (usually overnight).


Max Wall of Floor Consultants, Inc., specializes in repairing the floors of big box retail stores and distribution centers. 


“The largest project we used Floor Fix on was Lowes in Valdosta, Ga. Our crew patched 18,000 1.5″ diameter holes 1.5″ deep,” says Wall. “We use 3000 for nosing repairs in every distribution center we work in. We use a lot of 5500 for its quick dry time and durability in every distribution center we work in. We’ve installed over a hundred miles of it.”


Resources for floor repair:

Floor Fix