Flushing Single Comp Pump

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Flushing a Single-Component Pump

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Problem: Water activated chemical grouts and time sensitive epoxies can greatly shorten the life of the pump if not properly cleaned from the pump after each use. This can result in time consuming rebuilds of seals and packing’s as well as cleaning the internal components of the pump. Internal pressure control sensors can also be affected by deposits left behind from improper cleaning and can cause the pump to not shut off at the prescribed pressure.

Always use Prime Flex Eco-Flush. It’s formulation of powerful organic solvents and iso-neutralizers help insure any residual water activated materials left in the pump will be non-reactive.


  • Turn the pump to the “OFF POSITION,” make sure dispensing valves are in the “OFF” position. Set the pressure dial to the lowest pressure setting above “pulse clean” that will still run the pump.


  • Dispense roughly 2 gallons of fresh or recycled Eco-Flush into a clean 5 gallon pail.
  • Remove the small siphon (or return hose) from the resin pail and place it into a waste pail.
  • Remove the large siphon hose from the resin and let it drain completely.
  • Place the large siphon hose into the Eco-Flush pail.


  • Switch the pump into the “Primer Position” and turn the pump to the “ON POSITION,” allow the pump to run until the small siphon tube is completely clear of resin, and then turn the pump “OFF.”
  • Place the small siphon tube into the Eco-Flush pail, and turn the pump on to re-circulate. After one minute switch the pump into the “Spray Position.”
  • After the pump primes up, carefully open the dispensing valve into the resin pail to reclaim the material held in the hose. There will be an air pocket in the line that will signal you when to stop the purge. At that point dispense the remaining resin left in the line into your waste pail until a clear stream of Eco-Flush is dispensed from the gun.
  • Redirect the gun into the Eco-Flush pail to re-circulate flush through the pump. Add additional Eco-Flush at this point if necessary. Turn the pressure dial on the pump to “Pulse Clean.” Allow the pump to re-circulate for 2 minutes. Switch the pump from the “Primer” setting and back to the “Spray” setting several times during the re-circulation process.

At this point the used Eco-Flush can be strained into a separate pail for use later.

This used Eco-Flush should be used for the “Initial Flush” sequence only. You should be able to get 3 – 5 reuses out of the Eco-Flush solvent. When the Eco-Flush is too dark to see through, dispose of per state, federal and local solvent disposal regulations.


  • Repeat steps one through five with 2 gallons of fresh Eco-Flush in a clean pail.
  • Repeat steps six through nine to complete the flushing process.
  • Lift both siphon hoses from the Eco-Flush pail with the pump “ON” and allow flush purge from the pump. This will help prevent the flush from leaking out of the hose valve during transport or storage.
  • Turn the pump to the off position and open dispensing valve to purge off any pressure left in the system.

Safety Considerations:

  • Always were safety goggles when flushing the pump or injecting resins.
  • Always were chemical resistant gloves when handling chemicals.
  • Be careful of electrocution when working with power equipment in wet environments. Keep water off power cords and equipment.
  • Polyurethane resins contain isocyanates which can cause respiratory irritation. Use mechanical ventilation in confined spaces.
  • Beware of material blow back when dispensing into pails. Open valves slowly to bleed off excess pressure.

Materials List:

  • Prime Flex Eco-Flush (5 gallons)

Equipment List:

  • 3-4 empty clean 5 gallon pails
  • Personal safety equipment (gloves and eye protection)

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