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Creating a Mortar with Epoxy Resin and Sand for Spall & Joint Repair

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Scope of Work: Creating an epoxy mortar by blending Prime Blend sand, a special blend of oven-dried silica sand, with epoxy resin. Use the mortar for spall repair, joint repair and concrete patching.

Problem: Forklift traffic and other wear and tear can damage concrete floors. This results in lower productivity, higher equipment repairs, potential product damage and employee injuries.

Solution: You can repair spalls, broken joints and other defects cost-effectively by making a mortar with epoxy resin and specially blended oven-dried sand. This method is great also for repairing precast and cast-in-place concrete damaged by weather, abuse, or transport and handling of precast elements.

Procedure: Add Prime Blend sand to mixed epoxy at a 1:1 to 5:1 ratio depending on the epoxy used. Mix using a low speed drill with a mixing attachment. Sand to resin mix ratios (by volume) are recommended as follows. Prime Blend sand is about 13 lbs. per volumetric gallon, so a 50-lb. bag of Prime Blend sand is approximately 3.8 gallons.


Spall repair: for high compressive strengths Prime Bond 3000 (standard, fast) 4:1
Spall repair: for slightly flexible repair Prime Bond 3100 5:1
Spall repair: for large or deep repair areas; overlay of horizontal surfaces (low exotherm) Prime Bond 3900 LPL 3:1 to 5:1*
Spall repair: for chemical resistant patch Prime Coat 4300 Novolac 3:1
Interior joint sealing: for wide joints Joint Shield 5000 3:1
Spall repair: for vertical patching Prime Gel 2000, Prime Gel 2100 1:1

* Adjust this ratio to provide the desired wetness and viscosity of the resulting mortar.

For products not listed, contact technical service for the recommended mix ratio.

Safety Considerations

  • Always wear protective clothing, chemical resistant gloves and safety goggles at all times when handling resins. “B” component contains amines and may cause severe burns upon skin contact for any length of time.
  • Carefully read SDS prior to handling any chemical.
  • Follow all OSHA or comparable personal protection guidelines.
  • Keep first aid kit (eye wash, bandages, etc.) present on site with easy access.

Materials List:

  • Epoxy resin of choice
  • Prime Blend sand

Equipment List:

Drill with mixing head
Bucket or other container for mixing
Scale (optional)