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Prime Cem CureSeal

Water-based, high-solids, non-yellowing cure & seal for concrete

CureSeal is a VOC compliant, water-based acrylic curing and sealing compound. This product provides a quality cure to freshly placed interior or exterior concrete while assuring total resistance to yellowing from ultraviolet exposure. CureSeal helps control hydration of cement by preventing rapid loss of moisture through the surface of newly placed concrete. It can also be used on existing concrete, giving surfaces a glossy appearance and a protective seal.


Primary Applications
• Curing and sealing concrete where a non-yellowing, glossy finish is desired


• Very low odor
• Excellent cure and durable seal
• Non-yellowing formula
• Perfect for interior or exterior projects
• Subsequent flooring can be applied directly over product (see Precautions/Limitations section)
• Can contribute to LEED points


CureSeal is a milky white liquid in the container. After application and drying, CureSeal will slightly darken concrete, and will have a medium to high-gloss finish. A small test area is strongly recommended to confirm appearance prior to beginning full application. Lower concrete temperatures, lower ambient temperatures, higher relative humidity, or a combination of the above will extend drying times.


Specifications / Compliances
• ASTM C1315, Type 1, Class A
• The WELL Building Standard
• ASTM C309, Type 1, Classes A & B
• ANSI/GBI 01, Green Building Assessment Protocol
• AASHTO Specification M148, Type 1, Classes A & B
• USGBC LEED Version 4, ID&C • Canadian MTQ


• 5 gallon pail
• 1 gallon jugs (case of 6)


See TDS link on this page for more information including coverage data. VOC content and drying time.

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