Soil Stabilization

Grout for Soil Binding and Stabilization

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SoiLok ®

The super low viscosity grout is designed to penetrate fine silts, sands, coarse sands and top soil to a desired depth, either below the water surface, below the water bed, or all the way to bedrock. The resin remains fluid until polymerization, allowing for excellent penetration. SoiLok is ideal for geotechnical use in humid environments and sandy soil.





Primary Applications:

• Curtain grouting 
• Soil treatment and stabilization 
• Tunnels (subway, water, utility, etc.) 
• Storm sewers and box culverts 
• Below-grade parking decks 
• Retaining walls



• The variable set time range is long– from minutes to more than an hour– and is adjustable in the field. 
• High chemical resistance
• Extremely flexible
• Great adhesion even in damp environments
• Non-corrosive in both liquid and cured forms


One application for SoiLok ® is for waste containment to prevent below grade hazardous materials from migrating. View the video below for more information.




Case Study: SoiLok 20 used for underpinning at Air Force base
Case Study: Using SoiLok for Stabilizing the Footing of a Building - 1028 Market Street / San Francisco, CA