Soil Stabilization

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Precision Fill

Precision Fill is a two-component, low exotherm, polyurethane foam used to fill voids and underseal concrete slabs. Its low viscosity allows for moderate permeation effects as well. The resin produces a closed cell, high density structural polyurethane foam


Recommended Uses

  • Filling voids under and behind structures
  • Stabilizing soils
  • Undersealing slabs
  • Annular space filling



  • Highly expansive
  • High strength
  • Low exotherm (will not self ignite)
  • Bonds with soil and to concrete
  • Slow, steady reaction

Cured Characteristics

When cured, Precision Fill exhibits a compressive strength of 24 psi/3,456 psf (ASTM D-1621), expansion of 23x, density of 3 lbs/cubic ft, and no shrinkage (ASTM D-1042 / D-756).


  • 10 gallon unit
  • drum set


Made in the U.S.A.