Leak Repair

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SoiLok MH is an extremely thin 2-component liquid resin designed specifically for manhole applications. SoiLok MH is a soil binding system (a subterranean grout) used to stabilize and bind loose soil or sand, stop underground water flows, and seal weeping leaks in manholes and other below grade structures.


Typical Areas of Use

  • Manholes and lift stations
  • Culverts and pipelines
  • Below grade structures



  • Easy to use pre-measured kit, resulting in predictable set times in non-cohesive soils
  • Super low viscosity; nearly as thin as water, allowing for thorough permeation
  • A true solution grout that contains no suspended solids in the blended product—no airborne particulates.
  • Adjustable gel set times for various site conditions
  • Improve soil mechanics


Grouting Techniques

  • Curtain grouting
  • Probe grouting


Achievable compressive strengths are site specific and strongly dependent on sand/soil conditions, composition, and particle size distribution. Please contact one of our technical specialists for more detailed information.

7 day compressive strength (moist cure with ASTM 20/30 sand): 85.39 psi (STM D695)



3 - SoiLok MH Kits

  • Each Kit makes 10 gallons of SoiLok
  • Pre-packaged additives included
  • Additional additive packs available