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Prime Line WS Injectable Hose System



The Prime Line WS injectable hose system is a range of specially designed PVC injection hoses for the protection of horizontal and vertical construction and cold joints. These systems are used to seal and waterproof potential and active leaks in below-grade reinforced construction, foundations and tunnels. The double-jacketed injection hose consists of an inner core with big slots for the injection material as well as an outer PVC sleeve with perforations offset to the slots on the inner core. This design prevents fresh concrete paste from entering or blocking the injection hose system. 

Prime Line WS injection hoses are specially designed to allow for even distribution of the grout and are both durable and robust. Prime Line WS injectable hose systems are suitable for with all PU//EP resins acrylates, gels and fine and microfine cement. Prime Line WS is suitable for Prime Resins acrylates such as AR 800 as well as PR10 ACLM acrylamide.



System Benefits:

  • Easy to install. No specialty tools needed.
  • Available in stand-alone or in reinjectable systems
  • Complete system includes all accessories
  • Can be used as a preventative measure or injected when actively leaking
  • Low pressure injection
  • Creates a permanent seal
  • Works in areas with honeycombing



  • Below grade reinforced concrete structures
  • Expansion joints
  • Cold and construction joints
  • Foundations
  • Tunnels