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PR10L ACLM Liquid Acrylamide Gel

PR10L ACLM is a super low viscosity acrylamide grout that yields a gel upon reaction. The grout solution is as thin as water, allowing PR10 to follow infiltrating water for sealing leaks or to deeply penetrate soils for soil stabilization. The gel time is adjustable from a few seconds to several hours. The cured grout provides an economical water barrier or soil stabilizer.



Recommended Uses

Inject PR10 ACLM using a stainless steel, dual component pump from two tanks (see mix procedure). Injecting a 1:1 ratio into the soil or external substrate produces a strong, impermeable gel through a copolymerization reaction. Optional additives are available to modify the reactions and cured gel characteristics.


Typical Areas of Use

• Seal leaks in sanitary and storm water mainlines, pipe penetrations, laterals, lift stations and manholes. Stops leaks in tunnels and mines.


Required Accessories

PR10L ACLM requires the use of PR11 TEA (activator) and PR12 APSF (catalyst). Other accessories are optional. View a full list here


  • Super thin liquid follows infiltration
  • Can be injected through remote packer equipment
  • Will not undergo syneresis
  • Reaction times adjustable from seconds to hours
  • Higher strength compared to acrylates
  • Greater longevity compared to silicates
  • No suspended solids



Product packaged by weight based on specific gravity
• 5-gallon pails
• 240-gallon totes



Training is recommended and required for handling any acrylamide grouts. Users need to be trained and informed of the handling requirements, appropriate PPE and the health and safety issues and concerns. If you have not been trained and certified within the last three years please fill out the form found here to initiate training. 


View our accessories page to learn more about available additives for PR10 ACLM, including PR11 TEA activator and our PR17 LYTX, an additive to strengthen gel and reduce shrinkage.