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AR 800 acrylate resin

AR 800 acrylate resin is a super low viscosity, hydrophilic grout that produces an elastomeric gel with variable set times. This three-component resin is used for leak sealing and soil consolidation. It is ideal for geotechnical applications in humid environments. The variable set time range is long—from minutes to more than an hour—and is adjustable in the field. The resin remains fluid until polymerization, allowing for excellent penetration, so it is a great choice for sandy or silty soils.

When cured at a 50% concentration, it is a white flexible gel that has the consistency of a soft silicone gel with excellent adhesiveness. Humid conditions allow the gel to remain relatively constant. The gel is permanently elastic; these dimensional changes are reversible and do not degrade the gel. All-stainless steel pumps/fittings are required. 


Recommended Uses

  • Mainline and lateral sewer grouting
  • Curtain grouting
  • Water control in tunneling operations
  • Soil treatment and stabilization
  • Crack injection water stop

Typical Areas of Use

  • Tunnels (subway, water, utility, etc.)
  • Manholes
  • Box culverts
  • Storm sewers
  • Retaining walls
  • Below-grade parking decks


  • Super low viscosity (1-3 cps) for easily penetrating sewer joints and most soils
  • Variable set times (a wide range) over hydrophilic polyurethane gels
  • Swells slightly in the presence of water
  • Operates in the same equipment as acrylamide grouts
  • Not flammable or explosive
  • Low toxicity

 Completed Projects

• Curtain grout basement of 17-story apartment building • Bronx, NY (Case study)


AR 800 - 5 gallon pails
PR11 TEA - 5 gallon pails
PR13 SPSF - 5 gallon pails
(use of PR11 and PR13 required for AR 800)


Made in the U.S.A.