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Prime Bond 3000 Fast

Prime Bond 3000 Fast epoxy bonding agent is a two-component, medium viscosity, high-strength epoxy designed for bonding new concrete to old concrete or mixing with dry sand to make a repair mortar. This fast-acting formulation cures tack-free about 45% faster than 3000 High Mod.

Recommended Uses

  • Ideal for spall repair and patching of concrete industrial floors
  • Bonding new concrete to existing concrete or steel
  • Binder for epoxy repair mortar to patch or overlay horizontal surfaces
  • Gravity feed of cracks in horizontal concrete and wood surfaces
  • Bonding materials such as concrete, masonry, stone, wood, metal, etc.
  • Anchoring dowel bars, bolts, pins, etc. in horizontal surfaces
  • Machinery base plate grout


  • High compressive, bond, tensile and flexural strengths
  • Moisture insensitive
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Conforms to ASTM C-881 Type I, II, IV and V, Grade 2, Class B and C
  • USDA approved

Completed Projects

• Lowe’s distribution centers (Cheyenne, Wyo.; Paris, Calif. and many more)
• Family Dollar distribution center (Marianna, Fla.)
• Toys ‘R’ Us (Stockton, Calif.)
• PetSmart distribution center (Columbus, Ohio)

Cured Characteristics

Tack-free: 2 hrs. 55 min. vs 5 hrs. 20 min. for Prime Bond 3000 High Mod at 73ºF (23ºC)

Prime Bond 3000 Fast exhibits a compressive strength (ASTM D-695) of 12,400, a compressive modulus of elasticity (ASTM D-695) of 370,000, and a tensile strength (ASTM D-638) of 3,520.


2 gallon units


  • 80 square feet (7.4 square meters) per gallon at 20 mils
  • .370 cubic feet (.01 cubic meters) per gallon when mixed with 3 parts by volume Prime Blend sand for a mortar


Made in the U.S.A.