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Winterizing the Revolution pump

We had a query from a customer who owns a Revolution pump system for slab lifting. He is in a cold environment and asked about winterizing the system.

Q:  How do I winterize my Revolution compact slab lifting system if I won’t be using it for a few months?


The Revolution pump itself cannot be winterized or otherwise stored long-term because of the reactive nature of the A-side material. We do, however, offer a flushing procedure for your heated hoses that allows you to remove and store them. This may save you from replacing a heated hose due to incomplete recirculation during downtime.

We strongly recommend leaving at least one gallon of material in the tanks of your Revolution at all times. The Revolution pump is a sealed system that, with good (i.e. blue) desiccant tank dryers, will not allow moisture to contaminate the A material. Bi-weekly recirculation of the material in the tanks ensures you do not have material crystallizing in the system. 


Procedure: Storing Revolution heated hoses

Supplies and steps needed to prepare your hoses for storage using your Titan flush pump:



1 gallon acetone
1 gallon hydraulic oil
1 extra clean flush bucket



1- Remove heated hose from the Revolution pump and cap off the hose fittings at the pump.

2- Remove the valve body from the gun end of the hoses, disassemble and thoroughly clean it.

3- Cap and plug the B-side hose. This is the only step for the B side.

4- Use an air blow gun to purge the A-side material from the A hose.

5- Connect a ¼” female npt x -5 male jic adapter (available from Prime Resins or your local hydraulic supply store) to the outlet of the Titan flush pump.

6- Pour ½ gallon of acetone into the flush bucket and run this through the A-side hose into a waste pail.

7- Pour the other ½ gallon of acetone into the flush bucket. Put the gun end of the hose into the flush bucket, and recirculate the acetone through the hose back into the bucket for 5 minutes.

8- Purge the acetone into the waste pail.

9- Pour ½ gallon of hydraulic oil into a different clean flush bucket, and purge this through the hose into the waste pail. (You want to use a different flush bucket for the hydraulic oil so that you don’t have oil residue in your flush bucket the next time you use your system.)

10- Pour the other ½ gallon of hydraulic oil into this flush bucket, and recirculate it through the hose for 10 minutes.

11- At this point, cap and plug the A hose with the hydraulic oil still in it.


Now your heated hose can be safely stored for the season.

You need to recirculate the Revolution for 10 minutes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If no one is available to recirculate the pump consistently, you can leave the pump in recirculate mode, purchase a 120-volt plug-in timer and set it to turn on/off the pump at these intervals.

A few minutes of maintenance on a weekly or bi-weekly basis saves you a lot of time and money before your next slab lifting job. As always, you can call our Technical Services department at 800-321-7212 if you’ve got any questions.


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