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Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Municipal Sewer & Water

Engineer & Contractor Agree: Sealing & Stabilizing Service Laterals is Essential



DATE:  March 11, 2021

TIME:  2:00 PM (EST)

HOSTED BY:  Luke Laggis, editor


Take-aways for attendees:

  • Identify I&I sources and how to mitigate each
  • View research project for clarity on methods
  • Build consensus on ROI with the Facts
  • Gain Decision Support Document


Interactive learning is best. Join us for 60 minutes of live, interactive learning with 4 unique perspectives and subject matter experts:  Contractor, Engineer, Manufacturer, Supplier.



Michael Vargo, Vice President Prime Resins, Inc.
Recognized world-wide, Prime Resins is well-known for its infrastructure repair solutions and Mike has devoted much of his professional career to the well-being of customer and partners.


George Kurz, P.E., DEE Independent Researcher 
Over 33 years working with state and municipal agencies to measure and correct I&I problems, George conducted groundbreaking studies to analyze 500 sewer systems.


Randy Belanger, Sales Manager, Visu-Sewer, Inc. 
Providing contracting services to keep underground infrastructure optimum, Randy has driven the sales & business development practices of Visu-Sewer for 16 years and currently serves on the Board of Directors at NASSCO.


Marc Anctil, President, Logiball, Inc.
Manufacturer of inflatable pipe plugs & sealing solutions for underground structures since 1983. Marc has served on the NASSCO Board and as President in 2008, and currently serves as Chairman of ICGC.