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We're excited to announce the launch of several new products.

Prime Resins is proud to announce the addition of several new products to our line-up. Many of these will be used on the same job, providing full solutions from repair to restoration and enabling you to both address the cause of the problem as well as leave the area more visually appealing than the way you found it. 

Prime Bond 3500 L:
 Latex bonding agent for concrete repairs and toppings
Use when needed as bonding agent for the Prime Cem Renew or any polymer modified or redi-mix cement topping or overlay.

Prime Cem Renew:  Fiber reinforced concrete resurfacer
Great for resurfacing pool decks, sidewalks, patio’s, driveways, porches, elevated slabs (balconies), vertical slabs, etc.Open to foot traffic in four hours or twelve hours for rubber tire traffic at 75°F.

Prime Protect SWR:  Water-Based, Penetrating Water Repellent for Concrete and Masonry
A ready-to-use, water-based siloxane/silane penetrating water repellent sealer. It soaks into the substrate and forms a water and chloride barrier that protects concrete and masonry from the damaging effects of water and salts, especially in freeze-thaw climates and marine environments. 

Prime Cem CureSeal:  Water-based, high-solids, non-yellowing cure & seal for concrete
If applying Prime Cem Renew (or any concrete / overlay) this is used as a VOC-compliant curing compound to control hydration and a protective sealer when cured. It can also be used on existing concrete as a sealer. 

Precision Seal: Self-leveling concrete joint sealant
Precision Seal is a self leveling sealant designed to offer superior adhesion to concrete. Ideal for sealing cracks and joints in drive-ways, patios, porches and sidewalks.


Leak Repair Kits:

Conduit Seal kit:  
Prime Resins’ Conduit Seal is a quick and convenient method of stopping water seepage around pipe penetrations or around cable in conduit. It comes in a kit and is easy to use.

Contents of Kit:
- 8 pair of vinyl gloves
- 1 liter Prime Flex Hydro Gel SX™ in a measuring bottle
- 8 bags of Oakum (12” in each bag)
- One 2-gallon plastic bucket (for water)
- Two insertion sticks



Primecell Kit:
A convenient kit for stopping groundwater infiltration in manholes, culverts and stormwater structures.

Contents of Kit:
- One 10 foot strip of Soakem OakumTM
- 48 ounces of resin
- 2 Insertion sticks
- 8 Pair of vinyl gloves

Give us a call at 770-388-0626 or email to discuss maximizing the profits of your jobs by adding these products to your arsenal. 

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