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A New Approach for Quantifying I&I

A consulting engineer with a specialty in I&I quantification and reduction discusses how your utility could benefit from a different approach to quantifying I&I and measuring success.


Excerpt from the Summer 2020 issue of I&I Magazine: 


George Kurz knows inflow and infiltration, and he’s willing to help your utility, free of charge.

Kurz, P.E., DEE, is a consulting engineer with a specialty in I&I quantification and reduction. He has 29 years’ experience in municipal engineering focused on reducing overflows and designing rehabilitation projects to reduce I&I. He has performed contract work for JACOBS, ResourceTek, BWSC (Nashville, Tennessee) and JMT (Sparks, Maryland).

At the recent No-Dig conference in Chicago, he presented a paper: “Simple Tool for Operators to Quantify I&I, Detect Leaks & Measure Rehab Progress.” This paper was the most recent installment representing seven years of his personal research on measuring I&I in municipal systems and included measurements for every municipal NPDES permitted system (523) in the states of Tennessee and North Carolina.

Kurz says his study represents the first time I&I has been quantified for every municipal system in a state. Additionally, at the end of his presentation he offered to analyze a year’s worth of data for any municipal system in the U.S. and Canada — for free. Later, I caught up with Kurz to discuss his research.


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