Prime Resins Videos

These are several videos that showcase Prime Resins products at work and give instructions on particular techniques. To view the our full video catalog, please visit our YouTube channel:

Lifting a concrete driveway slab

Stopping Water Leaks with Chemical Grouts

Seawall repair: sealing cracks in seawalls and bulkheads and filling the voids behind them

The Patriot Pump

Prime Flex 900 XLV: Seal leaks in concrete structures

Slab lifting trailer rigs powered by Prime Resins

Manhole Leak Repair Animation

Bridge Abutment Stabilization - Rockmart GA

Precision Lift : lifting and leveling concrete slabs

Lifting concrete slabs

Port Installation Video

Floor Fix

Soil stabilization and slab lifting project in the Chaolianggou Tunnel (China).

Pipe repair- using a jetter for clean up of excess resin.

Prime Resins - Lifting a Grain Silo

Repairing an Active Leak in Cracked Concrete with 900 XLV

Prime Resins - Floor Joint Repair

Seawall Stabilization with Prime Flex 910

Stopping a Leak with Hydro Gel SX

Prime Resins Soil Stabilization

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