There are situations where mudjacking isn’t possible for economic, access or geotechnical reasons. If replacement is not possible or not desired, void filling and slab lifting with polyurethane foam is the answer. Prime Resins makes the only portable system on the market for slab lifting with foam. It can be yours for as little as $304 a month.* If you’ve got concrete pool decks or sidewalks to level in the midst of an apartment or condo community, this is your answer.

The award-winning Prime Resins Revolution compact slab lifting system includes four key components engineered and optimized to work as one:

  • Precision Lift Foam – a high-density, structural polymer that expands and develops hydraulic lift to level and stabilize slabs.
  • Revolution Pump – a rotary workhorse running on 110 volts with onboard heaters and built-in recirculation system.
  • Equalizer Gun – an impingement mixer that helps equalize pressure from the different viscosities of A and B components without crossing over.
  • Prime Practice – proven how-to procedures enabling a controlled lift within 1/10″ of the desired grade.

Fix the Underlying Cause

This system targets the causes of settlement and creates long-term advantage:

  • Erosion control
  • Soil stabilization
  • Lightweight void fill
  • Controlled slab lift
  • The Revolution pump and Precision Lift foam are the least intrusive, most affordable and fastest solution over replacement or mudjacking alternatives. Call a technical consultant now at 800.321.7212

Financing Available

This is the only affordable entry-level foam slab lifting system on the market, and you may want financing. If you need help with your start up costs or just don’t want to tie up your capital, we offer financing for equipment purchases starting at $10,000 for qualified buyers in the U.S. You can get a Revolution system for as little as $304 a month (depending on your credit rating and the loan length.)  Our finance partner offers many options. For example, no payment for six months. Or for those of you up North, skip payments during winter months when you aren’t doing much lifting.

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Don’t let up-front costs stop you from adding profitable services to your repertoire. Call today at 800.321.7212 and let’s talk about a Revolution or a trailer rig.


* This figure is one example. The ultimate payment amount depends on the interest rate and the length of the loan. The interest rate depends upon the borrower’s credit rating.

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