Leak Repair

Gushing leak repair kit

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Gushing leak repair kit

The Primecell Kit is composed of Soakem OakumTM (a dry oakum) soaked in a hydrophilic polymer solution. When wet and either packed or worked into a joint or crack, the resin will foam to form a flexible and tight joint to stop groundwater infiltration. It reacts with water and becomes a watertight rubber-like non-toxic composite. The oakum cord gives strength and density to the composite and makes the application of the resin easier, especially when gushers are present.



Primary Applications

• Manholes
• Culverts
• Stormwater structures



• One 10 foot strip of Soakem OakumTM
• 48 ounces of resin
• 2 Insertion sticks
• 8 Pair of vinyl gloves