Leak Repair

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AR 870 acrylate resin

AR 870 acrylate is our latest product designed for leak sealing in concrete structures. Hydrophilic in nature, this acrylate product, which is a gel when activated, is an excellent choice for:

  • Crack injection
  • Leak sealing

Water control in:

  • tunneling operations
  • elevator pits
  • below-grade vaults, walls, pits, floors, etc.

What’s so great about this product?

  • Has variable set times over hydrophilic polyurethanes
  • Shrinks and swells back and forth with dry or wet conditions without degrading the gel
  • Penetrates easily into cracks and joints – it has very low viscosity
  • Resists bacteria, fungi and chemicals found in sewer systems
  • Has great adhesion to concrete
  • Has easy soap and water cleanup
  • Is not flammable or explosive
  • Operates in the same equipment as acrylamide grouts

Technical Description

AR 870 is a multi-component system developed using an advanced non-toxic aqueous solution of multifunctional acrylate and methacrylate monomers. The components include the AR 870 resin, Primeset TEA, Primeset SP and water. The monomers are reacted in the presence of water and the catalysts to produce various elastomeric gel consistencies. In wet, or dry conditions, the weight of the gel increases, or decreases, in a reversible manner.

AR 870  –  Solution of acrylate and methacrylate monomers

Primeset TEA  –  Liquid activator to AR 870 resin side to vary the set time

Primeset SP  –  Powder initiator added to water side