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Covid 19 Response from Prime Resins

How we're adapting


As we all know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has the potential to impact global supply chains. Although many aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak are beyond our control, what we can do is try to mitigate the impacts on supply chains by communicating with one another, working together, and having contingency planning in place.

What We Are Doing:

While shipping, receiving, manufacturing, distribution and sales continues as a critical business enterprise, we have implemented company-wide travel restrictions, working remotely where possible and increased emphasis on hygiene, Prime Resins Inc. has limited facility access to essential personnel only. As part of this, we have placed into effect hardened access in and out of our manufacturing and distribution facilities and only essential personnel are permitted access to our manufacturing and operating assets. As the situation progresses, we will stay in close communication with you regarding any additional plans or changes.


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