The terms slab jacking and mud jacking have been used for decades to define the act of raising sunken concrete. Using traditional methods with cement-based materials can mean varying results and degrees of precision. Fracturing and over lifting of slabs can occur.

There is an alternative. Injecting structural polyurethane foam into the voids beneath settling or rocking concrete slabs can stabilize them without excavation and added weight. Slabs can also be lifted back to their original position using our Precision Lift products.

 Benefits of chemical grouting for slab lifting and stabilization:

  • Quick and easy process
  • Stabilizes base and strengthens slab
  • Cheaper than replacement
  • Less mess and inconvenience
  • Less disruptive: minimal loss of use
  • Work can be done in hours/days vs. weeks/months

Facts about slab lifting / concrete leveling with polyurethane (foamjacking) vs mudjacking

Typical Applications

Government: Roads, highways, bridges, airports, dams, catch basins

Industrial: Concrete floors, mining, subsurface utilities, retaining walls

Residential: Patios, porches, walkways, driveways, pools, foundations

Many slab lifting jobs first require fixing underlying problems with uneven or settling substrate with soil stabilization. Only Precision Lift  from Prime Resins targets the causes of settling by addressing soil stabilization prior to slab lifting. This creates long-term advantages:

  • Erosion control
  • Soil stabilization
  • High-strength void fill
  • Precise slab lifting

Determining which approach and products to use will depend on the soil conditions, what type of equipment you have available and the size of the project. Call Prime Resins at 1-800-321-7212 and a technical consultant will advise on the best approach for your project. Our consultants have decades of experience among them and are here to find solutions to your problem.

How to Estimate Material for Lifting With Foam

Slab stabilization can be done with our Prime Flex 985 series of products. These structural foam resins are injected using a two-component pump. For simple slab stabilization, Prime Flex 985 can be injected at ambient temperature using our FlowMaster 1:1 mix ratio positive displacement pump. The Prime Flex 985 will flow into the voids and cavities and fill them by expanding up to 20 times (depending on formulation). The foam is fully expanded and traffic ready within 15 minutes (85% strength). The rigid foam re-establishes contact between the slab and the sub-grade and is strong enough for heavy traffic loads.

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