Prime Resins makes several products that are independently tested and proven to comply with NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for contact with drinking water. Whether you need to seal leaks, stabilize soil or line a storage container, we have a potable water safe product that will work for you. Increasingly, such products are the choice for non-potable water contact as well, including projects in environmentally sensitive areas. Seawall and lakewall repair jobs are good examples where Standard 61 products are often desirable.

Leak Seal

Prime Flex 900 XLV: our thinnest hydrophilic polyurethane resin
Prime Flex 920: hydrophobic, super low viscosity polyurethane resin to fill voids and stop gushing leaks
Prime Flex 940: single-component, very low viscosity, hydrophobic polyurethane resin
Prime Flex Hydro Gel SX: single-component, hydrophilic polyurethane resin forms a watertight foam or impermeable gel
AR 800: very low viscosity, hydrophilic acrylate resin produces an elastomeric gel with variable set times

Soil Stabilization

Prime Flex 920: see above
Prime Flex 985 LX20: two-component, polyurethane foam used to fill voids and underseal concrete
Prime Flex Hydro Gel SX: see above
AR 800: see above


Prime Coat 4000: general purpose epoxy coating when chemical resistance and moisture insensitivity are important

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