Protecting concrete usually means shielding it from the elements of nature or from harsh manmade chemicals. But it’s not just concrete that needs such protection. Corrugated metal pipe, steel surfaces, material hoppers, rail cars and masonry all can come in contact with corrosive or abrasive materials or harsh conditions. Prime Resins makes a full suite of products that provide superior protection, even fire resistance.

Prime Resins’ heavy-duty line of coatings includes our Prime Guard polyurea linings, which use the latest technology to give unprecedented physical properties. It doesn’t get any tougher than Prime Guard polyurea, which does require specialized equipment and training, also available from Prime Resins.

We also offer the DeckProtect+ series of products for protecting parking deck surfaces and the PmB system for bridge deck and off-highway waterproofing and protection. All of our products are made in the U.S.A. in our production facility outside Atlanta.




Waterproof and protect bridge decks in new construction and rehab PmB Bridge Deck Waterproofing Multi-component elastomeric bridge deck protection system:  a two-part, spray-applied, durable protection and waterproofing coating that offers ultimate crack bridging protection
Waterproof and protect parking decks and ramps DeckProtect+ Systems Multi-component system using PmB membrane and different topcoats depending on durability needs
Primary or secondary containment of solvents and other harsh chemicals Prime Coat 4300 Novolac Epoxy, extremely chemical resistant to most solvents: 98% sulfuric acid, 70% nitric acid. Red or gray color.
Protect floors/walls of concrete and most building materials, bond aggregate materials to concrete Prime Coat 4500 Ultra-Clear Epoxy, low viscosity, polyaspartic, UV stable, super hard protection, flexible, brilliant shine, -40°– 200°F (-40°– 93°C) service temperature. Clear.
Coat steel or concrete. Protect manholes, tanks and lift stations. Protects against corrosion in acidic environments. Prime Coat CTL Black coal tar epoxy coating, excellent adhesion
Prime concrete, wood, steel prior to applying epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea coatings  HydroLock Water-based epoxy, super low viscosity, high bond strength, low VOCs, reduces surface defects of top coat, eliminates concrete dusting
Protect concrete, masonry, corrugated metal pipe, steel surfaces, wood, stone, etc.; line tanks, manholes, pipes, material hoppers, chutes, rail cars, etc. Prime Guard 7000 Aromatic Aromatic polyurea coating, ultimate durability, high chemical and abrasion resistance, 20°– 400°F (-6°–204°C) ambient temperature stability range
Protect concrete, masonry and steel surfaces; line tanks, primary and secondary containment areas. For use where strength and UV resistance are required. Prime Guard 7300 U.V. Hard, aliphatic, plural-component polymer lining system, -40°– 250°F (-40°–121°C) ambient temperature stability range. Strong, highly UV resistant, color stable.
Provide seamless surface protection of concrete and metal Prime Guard 7400 Polyurea lining system, zero VOCs, excellent adhesion, high chemical and abrasion resistance.
Protect concrete, masonry and steel surfaces; line tanks, pipes, material hoppers, chutes and any surface that comes in contact with food. Provide seamless surface protection of concrete and metal. Prime Guard 7400 FDA Two-component polymer lining system, -40°– 250°F (-40°–121°C) ambient temperature stability range, suitable for contact with food
Prime concrete and wood prior to application of polyurethane and polyurea spray coatings Primer 2C-1 Polyurethane, two-component, penetrates and seals the surface leaving a smooth pinhole- and bubble-free coating, outstanding stability at low temperatures; apply with spray gun, brush or roller
Protect surfaces from resin and epoxy stains StainShield Biodegradable, low toxicity undercoat prior to resin or epoxy application


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