Prime Resins is the premier manufacturer of epoxy resins and gels for bonding concrete and anchoring construction materials. Our products were developed directly out of an affiliated contracting business: We know the many kinds of products you need to get your jobs done. It is critical to the success of any project to select the correct product when bonding and anchoring. Our technical consultants, with decades of hands-on experience among them, can help you decide which products best suit your needs.

Bonding Concrete

Bonding concrete can add many years to the life of a structure, but it has to be done correctly. When pouring new concrete on top of old concrete, it is critical to achieve the right bond between the two pours. Prime Bond 3000 High Mod is our workhorse product for this application and it is USDA approved. In hot climates, Prime Bond 3900 High Mod LPL is an excellent choice due to the longer open time. Oven dried sand can be added to the Prime Bond resins to create an epoxy mortar for patching and joint nosings.

Anchoring Steel

Anchoring steel into concrete is a pretty straightforward process; however, selecting the correct adhesive is important. Dowel bars, anchor bolts and pins are used for different construction applications and the correct adhesive is critical to a successful install. Speed Bond #1 is our top selling product for all of these applications. Quick Mix cartridges make applying the product a breeze. For cold weather try our Prime Gel 2500 Quick Bond. If it’s really hot, consider our Prime Rez 1600. It is extremely strong and has a longer open time than the other products.

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Anchoring dowel bars in concrete (also wide crack injection) Prime Rez 1600 Injection Gel Epoxy gel, flowable, moisture insensitive, 8100 PSI compressive strength, thixotropic gel
  • Patching vertical and overhead concrete, masonry, stone and wood surfaces
  • Bonding materials such as concrete, steel, wood, stone and masonry
  • Grouting of dowel bars, bolts, pins, etc.
Prime Gel 2000 High Mod Epoxy with extremely smooth consistency. Two-component epoxy gel adhesive that won’t sag, run or drip in vertical or overhead applications. This formulation has a high compressive modulus of elasticity.
Anchor steel into concrete (also surface seal cracks prior to injection) Prime Gel 2500 Quick Bond Epoxy non-sag gel, extremely fast setting, high strength, cures as sub-freezing temperatures
Bond old concrete to new, anchor steel into horizontal concrete, binder for high strength patching mortar and machinery plates Prime Bond 3000 High Mod

Prime Bond 3000 Fast

Epoxy adhesive, high modulus, medium viscosity, general purpose high strength adhesive, easy 1:1 mix ratio, USDA approved. Gray color.
Bond old concrete to new, binder for epoxy repair mortar Prime Bond 3100 Med. Mod Epoxy medium modulus adhesive, medium viscosity, good flexibility, general purpose, excellent bond strengths, USDA approved. Straw color.
Bond old concrete to new in hot environments, binder for epoxy mortar Prime Bond 3900 High Mod LPL Epoxy, low viscosity, high strength, long pot life, long open time. Straw color.
Anchor steel into concrete Speed Bond #1 Epoxy flowable gel, excellent bond strength


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