Industrial warehouse floor repair

Dixie Electric Co 1

This cut-away area of concrete was repaired using Floor Fix.

PROBLEM: Dixie Electric Company, the third oldest electrical contractor in Atlanta, required industrial floor repairs in its newly constructed warehouse, including shrinkage cracks and cut aways.

SOLUTION:  The local concrete contractor that was hired to repair the floors used several products from Prime Resins’ Floor Repair line of chemical grouts and epoxies.

Floor Fix, a low viscosity, fast-curing urethane resin, was used to patch areas where the concrete had been cut away.

All of the joints were sealed using a Joint Shield 5000 series product, and Floor Fix was used to repair a few shrinkage cracks in the concrete.

Dixie Electric Co 2

Floor Fix is a two-component urethane resin with excellent bond strength. It is traffic ready in 10 min. in normal conditions.

The shop area was coated with water-based Primer Sealer, followed by a Prime Coat 4000 series general-purpose epoxy coating. This coating protects the floor and facilitates ease of clean-up of spills and debris.

BENEFIT:  A floor treated with Floor Fix is traffic-ready in 10 minutes.

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Dixie Electric Co 3

A Prime Coat 4000 series coating was used to coat the shop floor.


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