Soil Stabilization / Slablifting Trailer Rigs

The industry’s best suite of products for lifting concrete is available as a turnkey, fully equipped trailer rig.

Prime Resins can outfit your high-performance business on wheels with the Precision Lift system and all the necessary equipment. This enables you to:trailer-preview-pic2

• take on larger slab lifting and soil stabilization projects
• maximize your efficiency
• maximize your profit.

We can custom equip the trailers, available in 18’ and 22’ versions (standard and professional), to best match the scope of your projects.

The Precision Lift suite of products is engineered for large-scale projects. These products are formulated to give you the options you need to tackle many kinds of jobs. Our range of polyurethane injection resins provide for variable set times and a range of lift strengths and foam densities. Only Precision Lift gives you the tools to tackle soil stabilization and slab lifting with an integrated approach.

We are committed to your success. Along with the purchase of your trailer you get a full day of training at your jobsite anywhere in the continental United States. Certain restrictions apply. We also provide Prime Practices, our documented step-by-step procedures. Additional on-site assistance is available.

Prime Resins offers the industry’s best technical support, available 24/7. We’re ready to help you when you need it, no matter what time of the day or night.

Your custom trailer can be branded with your company identity with or without Prime Resins co-branding.

Buying a trailer rig is an investment in your business just like your trucks or other major equipment. Our financial partner offers flexible financing options for qualified buyers in the U.S.

Call one of our technical sales consultants at 800-321-7212 today.

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Precision Lift 4.0#

Two-component high-density structural polyurethane foam for slab lifting and stabilizing; compaction grouting soil; filling voids behind pipes, walls, manholes, etc. Allows for precise lift following void filling.

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View Precision Lift 4.75# Details

Precision Lift 4.75#

Lift concrete slabs, foundations, structures. Two-component, high-density polyurethane foam. Quick set time, strong hydraulic lift. Engineered for use with heavier structures, including railroads, runways, roads.

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Precision Lift 4.0# Slow

Two-component polyurethane foam for soil stabilization, compaction grouting and void filling. Its slower set time allows for greater permeation.

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