The Patriot Pump

Pump for joint fill

The Patriot pump is a rotary gear type positive displacement medium pressure metering pump. With a footprint of 22” L, 16” W, 24 ”H, and weighing in at a mere 90 pounds, this pump packs a tremendous amount of power, efficiency and versatility in a platform that can easily be handled and operated by a single person. Whether you are applying polyurea joint fill, low/medium pressure polyurea spray or polyurethane stabilization foams, the Patriot Pump will tackle the most daunting tasks with the greatest of ease. It can be outfitted with a variety of dispense guns depending on the specific needs of the applicator.


Power     120vac @ 6 amps
Max Output  .8 gpm
Max Pressure 800 psi
Max Hose Length 50′ (comes standard with 25′)


  • Flow Master Gun
  • Flow Master Pistol
  • Equalizer Gun
  • DM 500 Divorced Manifold
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