3/8″ & 3/4″ SOIL PROBES

These strong, durable soil probes are constructed of high-strength stainless steel. Just screw them onto either 3/8″ or 3/4″ pipe and drive them into the soil with a pneumatic driver. The resin flows through the pipe and out of the holes drilled in the diffuser section of the probe. Item #SP38, SP34


3/4″ EXPENDABLE DRIVE POINTexpendable_drive_point

Our drive point is used in conjunction with 3/4″ pipes. The drive point provides a pointed end to help the pipe penetrate the ground and to keep soil and debris out of the pipe. Once the pipe is in place, it can be raised a few inches to drop the expendable drive point and allow the chemical grout to flow freely. Item #DP-34



As you inject chemical grout through pipes, you may need assistance in raising a pipe out of the ground. Our pipe jack has been modified to maximize compatibility with this application. Item #PIPE-JACK



PROBE GROUTING GUN AND PIPE ADAPTERprobe_grouting_gun_pipe_adaptor

This gun, manifold and adapter allows you to connect to a common pipe thread on your probe from a fixed ratio plural pump. The housing holds a 48 element 1/4″ static mixer and features a cutoff ball valve to eliminate back pressure when disconnecting the adapter.Gun w/ Whip Hoses- Item #FG-PG-0007Pipe Adaptor- Item #FG-PG-0001

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