Prime PC pump twin progressive cavity pumpThe Prime PC pump

The Prime PC pump from Prime Resins is equipped with twin progressive cavity positive displacement pumps to meter and dispense the Prime Coat 6000 series of products. The pumps are powered by a single 2.0 horsepower DC motor, which delivers equal torque and speed to each pump.

These features ensure there is virtually no shearing of the spray material as happens with piston pumps.

The Prime PC is a variable output fixed-ratio machine controlled by a dial potentiometer and remote start/stop switch. The pump system is outfitted with all-stainless steel wetted components for superior resistance to corrosion and longevity of use in harsh environments.

Each pump comes equipped with a PC spray gun. The PC Gun is a robust, durable, industrial duty spray gun. This all-stainless steel gun is a manually actuated air atomizing spray gun. The manual actuation means no electronic or air trigger, which means fewer moving parts. It is designed for use with static-type mixers and has an integrated air regulating valve to adjust the spray pattern on the fly at different outputs.

There is no comparable pump on the market for applying mineral-based spray coatings.


Power Requirement             Electric 240 vac, 25 amps

Output Pressure                     0-180 PSI

Max. Delivery                          1.5 GPM

Discharge Hoses                    1/2″ x 100′ (max. length)

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