Impingement Style Polymer Foam Application Gun



  • Concrete leveling – slab jacking
  • Void filling
  • Soil stabilization


  • No O-rings
  • Versatile – Three injector sizes for various viscosity materials and ratios
  • Quick and easy rebuild
  • Equalizer Flush (water-based solvent purge system)
  • Button head port connection system for soil grouting applications
  • Screw-on port for concrete leveling, slab lifting applications
  • Equalizer Flush doubles as a stain preventer

Conventional impingement guns do not like back pressure. Too much back pressure and the gun crosses over, resulting in labor intensive gun rebuilds, down time, replacement parts and, in some cases, lost hoses. Back pressure at the spray tip is inherent to leveling slabs, void filling and soil stabilization.

The Equalizer gun is the only impingement gun engineered to handle back pressure induced when conveying two-component polyurethane foam to lift slabs, fill voids and stabilize soils. Aside from the flow control valves, this gun has no internal moving parts and NO O-rings, which makes rebuilds quick and inexpensive. The Equalizer gun uses an environmentally-friendly, water-based solvent purge system that doubles as a concrete stain preventer.

The Equalizer gun is compatible with most hydraulic, pneumatic and electric proportioners.

A small electric airless sprayer like the Titan Advantage 100, Titan Impact series or similar sprayer is required to pump the flush to the gun head.