PMC PH Series Hydraulic Proportioners

The PH series of hydraulic proportioners from PMC is ideally suited for slab lifting using our Precision Lift™ system or polyurea lining projects using our Prime Guard™ series. (Turnkey Precision Lift™ rigs are available, which include a PMC proportioner.) Applications include raising sunken concrete slabs, filling voids and stabilizing soil (compaction grouting). These machines can also be used for spray foam insulation applications.

Prime Resins is an authorized PMC dealer.


  • Easy to service pump base
  • Machine functions controlled by proven relay logic technology which allows for easy in the field troubleshooting and low cost repairs: No printed circuit control boards
  • High efficiency mass style heaters
  • Improved heated hose assemblies
  • Innovative TSU designed for clean, inexpensive on the job replacement

See for specs of the various models.

Call your Prime Resins sales associate or customer service at 800-321-7212 for recommendations on which proportioner is right for the types of jobs you do.

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