The Need For Effective Bridge Deck Waterproofing Solutions

Bridges are under constant attack from environmental issues such as water, chlorides, acid rain, temperature fluctuations, de-icing processes, and freeze-thaw cycles. Extreme weather and the impact of traffic and vibration place bridges under further stresses not inflicted on other structures.

Due to the extent of such attacks, if not adequately protected, the steel reinforcing bars or stressing tendons are liable to corrode and expand. This leads to cracking and spalling of the concrete and an accelerated rate of deterioration to the structure. The costly disruption of the inevitable repair work on North America’s rail and highway network impacts both the economy and public safety.

The Solution:

Protect the bridge with a high-quality elastomeric bridge deck protection system from Pitchmastic PmB, either at the construction phase to achieve dramatically enhanced life-cycle efficiencies, or as a rehabilitation measure to prevent future water penetration and concrete deterioration.

The System:

The PmB bridge deck waterproofing system contains the technically advanced PmB membrane, a two-part, spray-applied, durable protection and waterproofing coating that offers ultimate crack bridging protection to the deck. The high-performance membrane is 100% polyurethane, containing no fillers or additives, and is VOC-free. Once applied, PmB has exceptional bond strength, and has unrivaled elastomeric capability. With and a life expectancy in excess of 30 years, you can be sure your bridge decks will receive the ultimate in cost-effective protection.

The system is approved for use throughout the world and has been subject to extensive testing, including stringent tests to American, British and European standards.


Over 120 million sq. ft. of the Pitchmastic PmB waterproofing system are in use worldwide.



– Rapid setting: 5-8 seconds gel time

– Tack-free after approximately 1 minute

– Walkable after approximately 10 minutes

– Elastomeric after approximately 45 minutes



– Successful track record of more than 30 years

– Worldwide installation by trained, approved applicators

– Spray-applied to ensure accurate site ratio management

– Seamless installation, homogenous watertight seal

– Fast, easy installation

– Abrasion and chemical resistance

– Water vapor and gas permeable

– Resistant to root and microbial attack

– Provides sound insulation

– Highly elastomeric for unrivaled crack bridging capability

– Rapid cure for rapid return to service



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