Product Description

DeckProtect+ Rapidflex is a rapid-curing, flexible intermediate deck system where a fast return to service, durability, crack-bridging, anti-skid, and good looks are required. This is a cold-applied hybrid coating system that uses the same waterproofing technology as the premium PmB system along with rapid polyaspartic and/or methyl methacrylate (MMA). This ensures rapid return to service.

Diagram showing the layers of the DeckProtect+ Rapidflex hybrid coating for interior or basement parking decks

Recommended Use

DeckProtect+ Rapidflex addresses the less vulnerable covered deck and basement parking areas. These are places where protection and good looks are important, but environment exposure and thermal stresses are not as aggressive. Rapidflex uses the same technologies as the full DeckProtect+ PmB system while offering cost effectiveness to intermediate decks.


Keeping a parking deck open during renovation is often critical. Rapidflex ensures the maximum number of spaces remain open during the project. As a cold-applied system, it is safe for installation near the public.

  • Minimize disruption
  • Traffic ready within 2 hours subject to environment
  • Prevent water and chemical penetration of the concrete
  • Apply in cold or warm temperatures
  • Provide hairline crack-bridging qualities
  • Provide anti-skid, aesthetically pleasing surface
  • Offer cost-effective protection


Made in the U.S.A.

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