Product Description

DeckProtect+ PmB is a premium heavy-duty system that provides optimum waterproof protection to exposed decks and ramps. The system is ideal for ramps or decks over occupied spaces, such as retail or residential property. The system has four components:

• Adhesive primer coats that establish and maintain an excellent bond to the surface

• Elastomeric waterproofing that provides continued flexible crack-bridging waterproof protection from deck movement

• Body and top coats that provide durability, UV stability, chemical resistance, skid resistance. This ensures the continued safety of vehicles and an enduring aesthetic finish.

Schematic drawing of the components in DeckProtect+ PmB coating system

Typical Areas of Use

Exposed parking decks and ramps over retail, commercial or residential space.

Recommended Use

Parking garage decks that are immediately over occupied premises such as shops, offices, or residences pose a higher risk due to the commercial or residential space below. Fully elastomeric waterproof systems are essential to provide robust protection from:

• Water ingress into the property below
• Potential cracking of a rigid or reinforced coating
• Potential loss of revenue/damaged stock
• Wear due to high-shear turning and braking forces
• Deterioration due to carbon monoxide exhaust
• Degradation caused by engine oils
• Diesel and gasoline damage
• Alkaline cleaners


  • Durable
  • Exceptional crack bridging and elongation
  • Fast-curing Ideal for rapid return to service
  • Excellent longevity
  • Excellent skid resistance
  • Safe for the installer and the public
  • Quality aesthetics and color range
  • UV stable
  • Easy to clean

Additional Information

DeckProtect+ offers several key advantages over traditional surfacing systems and other lightweight coatings by combining hybrid technology with an impressive – and growing – track record of success.

Cold Liquid Applied

The DeckProtect+ suite of products is cold- applied. That means the systems are safe to use in the vicinity of the public. No hot works are required; health and safety risks are greatly reduced.

Potential weak spots are eliminated because there are no seams, joints and secondary fleece/scrim band coats. The client gets a completely homogeneous, seamless waterproofing solution, protecting their asset and allowing treatment of virtually all types of construction.

Photo of the top, exposed level of a parking deck with a DeckProtect+ PmB coating

Made in the U.S.A.

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