quick-mixQuick Mix 2-Component Materials

Since 1987 we have been packaging cartridges of epoxies in our signature Quick Mix cartridge system. These dual side by side cartridges were designed for dispensing two-component resins. These are an excellent choice for those concerned about ensuring a pump is properly flushed after each use. We offer our epoxy, polyurea and polyurethane resins in this easy-to-use, portable system. A variety of ratios and sizes are available to best suit your project. Packed either 6 or 10 per case with one static mixer and retainer nut per cartridge set. See product technical data sheets for availability and size based on particular product. 1:1 (300 ml x 300 ml, 600 ml x 600 ml, 750 ml x 750ml), 2:1 (300ml x 150 ml, 600 ml x 300 ml), 4:1 (300ml x 75 ml), 10:1 (750 ml x 75 ml) ratios available – Static mixing nozzles available ¼” X 32, ¼” X 48, ½” X 24, ½” X 36

single-shotSingle Shot 1-Component Materials

Easy to use single-tube cartridge designed to fit any standard 1/10th gallon cartridge gun. Available with Prime Flex 900 XLV or Hydro Gel SX water-activated polyurethane resin for minor active leaks. Packaged 20 tubes per case with screw-in 3-1/2” tapered nozzles. Prime Flex 900 XLV and Hydro Gel SX 12.8 (1/10th gallon) cartridges

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