DeckProtect+ Systems

DeckProtect+ offers the ultimate solution to waterproof and protect parking decks.

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DeckProtect+ is a comprehensive range of cold liquid-applied systems that use the most effective technologies in parking garage protection today. Combining proven waterproofing technology with innovative products means the ideal choice for new build and refurbishment projects.


Gold Standard

The full DeckProtect+ PmB System uses the PmB membrane with a worldwide track record in structural waterproofing spanning over 30 years. With a beautiful polyaspartic top coat, the DeckProtect+ PmB System leads in total waterproofing protection for parking decks.

Interior Decks

Interior or intermediate parking deck level coated with DeckProtect+The DeckProtect+ Rapidflex and DeckProtect+ EPX systems address the less vulnerable covered deck and basement parking areas. Protection and good looks are important, but the environmental exposure and thermal stresses are less severe.

Rapidflex uses the same technologies as the DeckProtect+ PmB system while offering cost effectiveness to the intermediate deck environment. DeckProtect+ EPX offers a durable, cost-effective option with elements of the PmB System with an epoxy topcoat. This offers economical, tough protection where UV stability is not required and sufficient curing time is available.

The range of options strikes a balance between aesthetics, performance and durability. This entails the use of state-of-the-art topcoats aggregated appropriately to the exposure and use of each individual parking deck. Due to the advanced technology and user-friendliness of DeckProtect+ products, they are the preferred parking deck protection systems of blue-chip stakeholders to protect their structures.

System Benefits

• Durable
• Seamless
• Exceptional crack bridging and elongation available
• Fast-curing (except EPX)Ideal for rapid return to service
• Excellent longevity
• Excellent skid resistance
• Cold-applied: Safe for the installer and the public
• Quality aesthetics and color range
UV stable (except EPX)
• Easy to clean

Recommended Uses

  • Exposed Decks & Ramps Over Retail or Residential: DeckProtect+ PmB
  • Internal Deck, Rapid Return to Service: DeckProtect+ RapidFlex
  • Internal Deck, Economical, Standard Return to Service: DeckProtect+ EPX

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Top, exterior level of a parking deck coated with DeckProtect+ PmB

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