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You CAN lift a radiant heated floor

Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to lift an unlevel concrete floor that has an in-floor heating system using polyurethane foam injection. It does, however, require you to do your homework in advance so that you know exactly where the heating elements are located within the floor. A Prime Resins customer in Edmonton, Alberta, just completed such a job ...

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Our Revolution compact slab lifting system

The Revolution compact slab lifting system from Prime Resins remains the only truly portable system for slab lifting with polyurethane foam. When you are tackling lifting jobs in hard-to-reach places, the Revolution is the ideal solution. This includes sites such as pool decks, back patios, and sidewalks in the middle of office parks and apartment or condo complexes. To ...

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Seawall repair provides valuable lessons

Seawall repair or replacement can be a hugely expensive undertaking. Sealing leaks and filling voids left by erosion can be done more economically and with far less disruption than with excavation in most cases. A Prime Resins customer specializing in seawall repair recently used chemical grouting for the first time to seal a badly compromised seawall, fill massive voids behind the ...

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Field Notes: The Netherlands & Germany

Constant R&D and innovation is at the heart of Prime Resins, which keeps things fast-paced and interesting for our product development team. Last month it was Brazil, this month it is the Netherlands and Germany for our intrepid David Dingler. His first stop was in the Netherlands to oversee the mixing of our new polyurethane lifting foam at our toll ...

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Lifting tanks with Precision Lift 4.0

Just in from the field, these pictures show before (L) and after (R) of 3300-gallon tanks that were listing dangerously close together. The concrete slab they sit on had settled, causing the dangerous tilt. The tanks were successfully lifted back into level, vertical position with our Precision Lift 4.0# polyurethane foam. This is a beverage manufacturer in Brazil. We'll ...

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