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Leaking fountain sealed with polyurea

The Piazza d'Italia in downtown New Orleans centers around a fountain that includes the shape of Italy. A planned renovation included sealing the fountain, which had developed leaks over the years. The concrete restoration contractor hired for the job opted to use Prime Guard 7000 polyurea. The 6000-square-feet of fountain surface includes dozens of steps, meaning endless ...

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Field Notes: Fixing floor cracks with polyurea

Field Notes: We stopped in to observe Floor Consultants doing floor repair of a big box retail warehouse facility south of the Atlanta airport. They are repairing spalls, cracks, voids and joint nosings (the edges of concrete slabs). It's a pleasure watching true masters of their craft in action. They are using a combination of Prime Resins products to address ...

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No Dig Infrastructure Repair and Preventative Manhole Maintenance

A midwest municipality, experienced in the art of chemical grouting, has recently decided to take it to the next level. The Problem:  Poorly installed, cast concrete manholes.  Poor, due to the fact manhole rings were installed without any form of joint seal or infiltration protection for the chimney, yielding some pretty nasty I & I issues. Solution 1:  “Let’s dig them up” and then ...

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