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Repairing an historic landmark

The Daytona Beach Bandshell has been a destination for concertgoers for nearly 80 years and is on the U.S. Register of Historic Places. But age can take its toll, especially since the venue is constructed of coquina stone, a sedimentary rock composed of fossilized seashells and coral. The porosity of this stone was one challenge that had to be overcome when ...

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Box culvert repair in St. Louis military cemetery

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery is one of the nation's largest military burial sites, and it sits on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Louis. A planned expansion in 2011 revealed that two box culverts adjacent to the expansion area were experiencing significant groundwater infiltration. More than 100 joints needed repair, with some of the joints having separated as ...

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Rebonding steel topping to concrete floor

A powdered steel topping is one of the hardest, and most expensive, surfaces available for industrial flooring. So what do you do when the bond fails between the topping and the concrete subsurface? After all, removing this hard surface is no easy feat. That was the task before T. Luckey Sons at an INTEK/INKOTE steel manufacturing facility. So how did ...

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Injecting life back into precast

Michael Vargo, Prime Resins Senior Technical Consultant I had the privilege of presenting a course on pressure injection of concrete to repair cracks and seal leaks at the NPCA Precast Show 2015 Orlando. I explained pressure injection and the techniques, equipment and accessories needed to perform pressure injection of epoxy and polyurethane resins. If you’d like a copy of my presentation, email ...

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Epoxy grout injection keeps hydrofoil floating

Caterpillar uses an air-powered hydrofoil to move their massive diesel engines on a cushion of air. For this to work, steel plates are attached to the production facility floor. Years of wear and tear resulted in the cement grout under those plates failing. In some places "it was like crushed potato chips," according to Randall Brooks, GM of contractor T. Luckey Sons ...

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