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Sealing a high-rise basement with acrylate resin

Polyurethanes are popular choices for curtain grouting below-grade structures for waterproofing. They are popular because they work. In some situations, however, you want to avoid the expansive pressure of a polyurethane. For example, behind a retaining wall with a very hard substrate that won't absorb the grout or behind a structurally weakened wall. Or, behind a wall where an old ...

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AR 800 in action

Here's what a curtain grouting job looks like mid-way. This is the basement of a high-rise apartment building in NYC that is having voids filled behind the wall and leaks sealed with our AR 800 acrylate grout. Why did they choose AR 800 vs a polyurethane foam like Prime Flex 920? There is an old heating oil tank ...

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Field testing an acrylate grout

We do a lot of in-house testing of our products during and after development, as do most R&D operations, and we want to share some of those results from time to time. One of our newest products, AR 800, is an acrylate chemical grout used for soil stabilization and sealing leaks. We recommend it for geotechnical applications in wet or ...

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