Field Notes: Inner Mongolia

David, our intrepid global traveler, went to Inner Mongolia, China, this week for on-site client training. The client is a privately-owned contractor specializing in repairs of the high-speed railway. The company needed options for minor lifting and stabilizing of the track slabs.Precision Lift slab lifting training in China

The Precision Lift system from Prime Resins is perfect for lifting and stabilizing the tracks due to the limited time the contractor is allowed each day for working on track repairs. Precision Lift has been used successfully on many other railway track repairs, including freight lines in China.

David was impressed by the clients’ preparation and organization.

“On-site training is often a bit of controlled chaos,” said David. “I trained almost 30 employees over two days. This was perfectly organized. They had checklists, had done homework on the equipment (a PMC proportioner), and had every piece of equipment we might need on hand.”

The contractor prepared a training site that is an exact replica of the tracks they work on. This let them perfectly simulate a crew’s work. The trainees practiced all aspects of the work from equipment startup, slab lifting and equipment shutdown multiple times. The crews will be ready to hit the ground running in their limited track shutdown windows on the rail lines. The client filmed everything to produce a training video for additional employees.

Precision Lift railroad slab stabilization training in China

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