Wood bulkhead repair with polyurethane foam

Wood bulkhead repair with Prime Flex 920 polyurethane foam

Concrete, wood, sheet pile, stone. Seawalls and bulkheads can be made of many things. One thing they all have in common: eventually they need repair. If the issue is eroding soil due to failed joints or gaps below the structure, injecting a structural polyurethane foam may be the perfect no-dig solution. Prime Flex 910 and Prime Flex 920 fill voids, stabilize loose soil and seal gaps in seawalls and bulkheads.

One of our customers recently completed a job repairing problems behind wooden bulkheads on a creek bed in Texas. Erosion resulted in large sinkholes on either bank behind the wall. These stretched underneath the driveway on each end of a wooden bridge, the only vehicular access to the home. The voids resulted in sinking driveway panels too. The crew addressed all the related issues. Read how they did it here.

Wooden bulkhead curtain grouted with Prime Resins Prime Flex 920 polyurethane foam

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