Filling voids behind sheet pile

Sheet pile is commonly used for seawalls, bulkheads and sometimes even retaining walls. In this case, the main bridge to the cruise passenger terminal at the port in Jacksonville, Fla., has a sheet pile retaining wall at its base. The ocean has taken a toll over time: The sheet pile is corroded. Gaps in the wall caused significant erosion, which, left untreated, would eventually compromise the bridge. The port authority hired Foundation Professionals of Florida to solve the problem. Water-only access and port activity were obstacles. The engineer specified chemical grout. Read the full case study on why and how Foundation Pros chose to use Precision Lift 4.0# to fill the voids and seal the gaps in the sheet pile.

A technician working from a boat injects Precision Lift 4.0# polyurethane foam through a corroded sheet pile wall to fill voids and seal gaps.

Much of the work is done from a boat for best access. A proper containment system captures all cured grout for proper disposal.  © Foundation Professionals of Florida. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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